Research experience:

2017.10-present: Post-Doc. Fellow                                                                                     Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University, Germany.
(Hosted by Prof. Oliver Friedrich, Heidelberg University; Prof. Erwin Appel, Tübingen University)

2015.08-2017.09: Post-Doc. Fellow                                                                                 Department of Geophysics, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
(Hosted by Prof. Shmuel Marco, Tel Aviv University; Assistant Prof. Nicolas Waldmann, Department of Marine Geosciences, University of Haifa)

2015.07-2015.08: Research Assistant                                                                                      Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, Beijing, China.

2013.11-2014.07: Guest scientist (rock magnetism and paleomagnetism)                 Tübingen University, Germany. (under a supervision of Prof. Erwin Appel)


2010.09-2015.07: Ph.D., Sedimentary Geology (Supervisor: Prof. Xiaomin Fang)
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITP, CAS), Beijing, China.

Ph.D. thesis: Sedimentation response to anticline uplift and climatic change in the western Qaidam Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Indicated by lithofacies and grain size of Core SG-1b, on top of the Jianshan Anticline

2006.09-2010.07: B.Sc., Geography
Anyang Normal University, Anyang, China.