1.   ICDP Dead Sea deep drilling (Core 5017-1) project [PI (ISF): Shmuel Marco]

(1) Sedimentation response to tectonics, climate and anthropogenic impact in the Dead Sea drainage basin.

(2) Recovering the world’s longest earthquake record from the Dead Sea deep drilling core.

[A 456.7 m-long composite core (ICDP Core 5017-1, ~220-0 ka) was drilled  from a water depth of ~300 m in the Dead Sea depocenter.]

2.   Sino–German western Qaidam Basin ( NE Tibetan Plateau ) deep drilling (Core SG-1b) project [PI (DFG): Oliver Friedrich]

(1) Sedimentation response to global cooling and basin tectonics.

(2) Identify Altyn Tagh fault acativity (during ~7.3-1.6 Ma) through seismites and micro-faults.

[A 723 m-deep Core SG-1b (~7.3-1.6 Ma) was drilled at the top of an Anticline in the western Qaidam Basin, and 80 km far away the Altyn Tagh fault]